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One of the hardest things about achieving your goals in the field of cybersecurity is simply knowing what do and how to do it. I’ve seen so many students and colleagues struggle to figure out what specific actions to take to achieve their career goals - but you can skip all of that! In a mentorship with me, I’ll handle all the hard parts so that you can have confidence knowing that the content you’re studying will take you to the next level!

As a senior offensive security engineer who has experience in both commercial and government red teaming and penetration testing, I’ve seen a lot. I taught myself to program at an early age, grabbed my Bachelors and Masters degrees in Software Engineering, and passed both my OSCP and OSCE with 100% completion on my first attempts. Some people ask me if they need degrees and formal education to truly be able to conquer their goals. The answer is NO! You just need a plan!

Schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation with me by using the button below. We’ll discuss your current goals, where you feel your biggest area for improvement is, and we’ll talk about how you can move forward to overcome any obstacles in your way. Whether it’s passing the OSCP, or becoming a better programmer, we can do it together!!

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